A visitor! / by Cameron Jarvis

My friend Tiana came down to visit me this weekend! I spent Friday morning getting a few things done in the studio before she arrived in the early afternoon. Taking her an a tour of the campus, through the house and studios and into the printing studio and permanent collection made me realize again what a privilege it is to be staying here. 

We took a trip into downtown Red Wing, where they are having River City Days, an annual celebration of the town, all weekend. We walked through town and to the main staging area of the festival. It was such a nice day to be outside.

Tiana stayed for dinner, and a few of the other residents joined us for a glass of wine and conversation afterward. 

Today (Saturday) we made it back into town and checked out some of the vendors tents. It was really nice to leave the center for a little bit, and take some time off before refocussing.

I've had a breakthrough this week in the concept for the show. I'm making a day trip to Chatfield tomorrow to make some drawings and start on two paintings. I'm excited to bring this new material to my collaborator and see what she has to say.