Travel day / by Cameron Jarvis

 spent so much time traveling today:

  • Up early to drive down to Chatfield for some painting.
  • Worked on some sketches for the Chatfield show and started one painting.
  • Decided I definitely don't like painting on site. All the things that need to be brought with you and set in place are a drag, and the obligation to get as much done in the limited time is stressful.
  • Stopped to pick up some historical maps of Chatfield, and old census sheets.
  • Drove back to Red wing for a nice nap.
  • Skyped with my collaborator, Miranda, to exchange ideas, develop the show thesis and make a timeline for finishing the work.
  • Nice soak in the tub.
  • Drove to Minneapolis for dinner and drinks.
  • Stopped at home in Cottage Grove to give my mom her birthday present, and pick up some more materials for the studio.
  • Back to Redwing for some much needed sleep.