Last day at Anderson Center / by Cameron Jarvis

Today is my final day at the Anderson Center. I spent the day packing the last of my things and conducting exit interview with the director, Chris. This month has been a really productive and an opportunity to learn. I thought I should just list some thoughts and reflections in list form, because that's what I do best.

  • Having a dedicated studio space has been invaluable to generating and refining ideas. 
  • I really want to develop a better method for making linocut prints. I had a lot of trouble with creating multi-layerd prints because of blocks that are difficult to keep clean. I'll keep you posted.
  • I came in thinking that this month would be just about creating a large volume of work, but instead I've taken the time to relax and think, while still creating work.
  • The mosquitos here have been kind of bad in the woods and at dusk. Then we had a few days of heavy rain and the river got really high, and for the past week they have been TERRIBLE ALL THE TIME! 
  • I've been appreciating the value of having conversations with creative people in different disciplines. There is one other painter in residence this month, and the rest are writers. It has been really cool to learn about an art form that I haven't experienced much, and learning how to talk about writing and its process.
  • I've decided I need a hobby. Art has turned into more of a profession in the last few years, and while still enjoy it, I can't rely on it as a means of stress relief.
  • I've decided my new hobby is going to be biking. I recently bought a road bike and I'm excited to start riding. I figure I should start a few habits to stay healthy before I'm middle aged, and I'm never going to run, so...
  • I love having lots of tables in my workspace so I can spread out.
  • New York is a great but difficult place to live (I learned a lot from talking to the three New York Residents)
  • I'm excited to wrap up these last shows this fall and take a break from painting to just read and think for a few months.
  • Hanisch Bakery in Red Wing makes really good doughnuts. 
  • I'll write more when I've had more time to reflect.