Mid-process review and editing / by Cameron Jarvis

I decided I should do like Kanye and show you some unfinished work. I promise there will be no meltdowns or inconceivably brilliant work. The personal debt is about the same though.

These two pieces are more about how I structured the paintings than the way in which they are painted, but I've reached a point where I have to decide what big things I need to change, and what small details I need to add to make them successful paintings. I am also making sure that none of the layers of the painting clash with each other, but instead creates a unified whole.

I took made a quick sketch and wrote some notes about each piece just to solidify the idea and direction that I want to start work with tomorrow. Articulating it in a way other than painting helps to preserve it in a way that can be translated later without the ideas getting lost.

Some more well placed lines scratched in so that the front resembles the back a little bit more. There is a good focal point. I just need to bring the very front into better conversation with the back layer because the back is so interesting that it would be a shame to cover it up with something so much less dynamic.
I just need to go crazy. There is so much careful structure that I can't possibly mess it up. The building fronts are at such an angle [and] in the murky shadow that it really lends itself to impressionistic painting. It would look more real to just have abstract touches of color than to actually study how each part of the surface is functioning. I also need to have fun breaking up the flat storefronts between the two layers of glass.