410 Project Bike / by Cameron Jarvis

Yesterday, Dana Sikkila and her crew stopped at the Anderson Center on the second leg of their bike trip across the state. Dana is the director of the 410 Project, a gallery located in Mankato, MN, and she and Kyle Zeiszler are embarking on a 500 mile trip to visit eleven artists in southern Minnesota, and conducting interviews in their studios. Ryan Sturgis and Michael Chalhoub of True Facade Pictures are documenting the whole trip for a documentary that will air in October.

It was really fun to get visitors midway through the residency. I showed everybody around the sculpture garden and shared a little bit about the history of the campus. I had lots of fun with the interview even though it was a new experience to answer questions on camera. Dana is a really knowledgable artist and she had some engaging questions that kept the conversation lively. After spending so much time focusing my attention inward and directly at the work it was really nice to share some of my thoughts externally. 

As part of the trip they are gathering a piece of artwork from each artist for an exhibition back at the 410 Project in October. I gave them a smaller painting to take with them, and its cool to think that my piece will travel over 400 miles, and visit so many studios. It's right in line with my themes of transit and place.

Check out the other artists Dana will be visiting on her ride, and consider making a donation to the project on they Paypal page. You can find daily video updates like the one below on the True Faced Pictures Facebook page and on Dana's page.


Shelley Caldwell, Installation and Collage – Delaran
Julie Marie Fakler, Painting – Faribault
Cameron A. Jarviss, Painting and Mixed Media – Red Wing
Erik Noren, Custom Bicycle Frame Builder – Minneapolis
Meranda Turbaka Turbak, Painting – Stillwater
Jacob Yeates, Drawing – Minneapolis
Brian Geihl, Printmaking - Crystal
Betsy Byers, Painting – Saint Peter
David Mauch, Glass Carving – Eagle Lake
Gregory Wilkins, Mixed Media – Mankato
Niko Warmka, Painting – Mankato