A few tips on dancing / by Cameron Jarvis

I am aware that some don't feel comfortable dancing in public or private for various reasons. As somebody who cannot dance in the artistic or noteworthy sense of the word, but who has learned the skills to not look out of place in a dance type setting, I thought it would be prudent to share some suggestions. Here are a few tips, and I hope some are helpful.

  1. Everyone is watching. Even if this is not the case, you should still act as such.
  2. Nobody cares. (unless you are stunningly bad at dancing)
  3. Never lose yourself in the music. Dancing is a serious activity that requires focus and intentionality.
  4. If you are of legal drinking age, I suggest you consume at least one alcoholic beverage before the dancing commences. This will allow you to ignore the crippling self consciousness.
  5. The only thing you must really be good at is keeping simple time. If you are someone who has trouble clapping on beat, then maybe you should be doing something else.
  6. Very few people win friends or admirers with their dance moves. If you aren't sure you are one of those people who can, you probably aren't. 
  7. The key to successful dancing is to sort of look like you know what you are doing in a semi-darkened room without doing anything to ruin this illusion.
  8. Dancing isn't about fun. It is about tricking a roomful of your friends and strangers into thinking this is something you have done before, and are comfortable with. DON'T LET THEM KNOW THE TRUTH!
  9. The most basic step is to move your feet from side to side on the beat, and move your arms in a slight running motion. Other motions can be added to this basic step, but should never cause you to be off the beat.
  10. If you want to be hip (cool/trendy) leave your feet stationary, and dance with only your head and torso. Lean forward slightly, and lead with your head as if you are peering into a store window. Bob your head forward to the music, while keeping your hands at your sides. (This should be done while wearing a black turtleneck sweater and tight black jeans. Your friends should be dressed similarly.)
  11. Watch other people and see what they do. Borrow dance moves that you think you can execute without looking foolish. This will be your best chance to add new moves to your repertoire.
  12. Finally, if you reach a point where you can execute all these steps with minimal error, then you should try having fun while you dance.

Happy dancing!


What are your tips for good dancing? Share in the comments.